The Different Types Of Pallets

Different Types Of Pallets

Traditionally pallets are all wood based, but a recent trend shows the use of plastic pallets. Slowly but surely companies have started realizing the advantages of using plastic, even though many traditionalists still continue to use wood pallets for shipping. Pallet Sales by Pallet West reports a lot of inquiries for plastic pallets while gives a broad choice for plastic pallets. The fact is that each pallet has its own merits and demerits. The decision on a certain pallet is not made based on only the cost factor; various other factors need to be weighed before zeroing on one.

Let us take a look at the merits and demerits of each pallet

Wood Pallets:
Wood has been the favorite of most companies all this while for national and international shipping. The Main benefit is its low cost, reuse, and repair. Drawback is it can easily hold moisture and damage the shipping

1. Inexpensive compared to plastic
2. Can be reused to make furniture
3. Is made from organic resources and hence can be recycled
4. Environment friendly
5. Easy to repair or replace
6. Can sustain more weight than plastic

1. Cannot be cleaned easily as wood tends to retain moisture
2. Prone to mold and fungus
3. Must be stored in a closed-door warehouse as it absorbs moisture
4. Certain country regulations states that it needs to be heat-treated before shipment
5. Not as durable as plastic
6. Is a safety hazard for handlers as it can splinter easily

Plastic Pallets
Plastic pallets cost three times more than wood. This is the main reason for wood being the preferred material among most companies. But leaving aside the cost factor, plastic offers a host of benefits like its handling, durability, resistance to water, resistance to weather, ease of cleaning, etc.

1. Lasts longer, hence more durable and can be cost effective in the long run
2. Need not be heat-treated ass it is not prone to bugs, molds or fungus
3. Reduces the shipping cost due to its low weight
4. Safe to handle as there is no fear of splinters hurting the handlers
5. Weatherproof as it does not absorb moisture
6. Can be easily cleaned at high-pressure
7. Suitable for shipping fragile items

1. Plastic is Costly when compared to wood. Can go up to 3 times the cost of wood.
2. Not suitable for shipping heavy products
3. Not very eco-friendly, as it is inorganic.
4. Cannot be easily repaired, has to be replaced in case of most damages

To conclude, when deciding on which material to go for, consider all the above factors.
Even though plastic is costly compared to wood, it is a better option if a company is being operated on a closed-loop warehouse model, where the pallets are returned back to the supplier and hence can be reused.

Wood pallets will be a good choice if heavy products are loaded as it can withstand the weight. Also, wood pallets can be a reused to make home furnishings, so some of the cost can be recovered by selling old or used pallets. If international shipments are to be made, plastic is a better choice as it can be heat treated as per international regulations.

Background Investigation For Business

Background Investigation

A background investigation is normally conducted by a third party in order to verify the complete history of their candidates. These kinds of background investigations are very helpful for the companies to select the right candidate. Please see page for more details on background check process There are mainly two kinds of background checks conducted by these outsourced agencies. The first one is the complete background investigation method, and the other one is DIY (Do It Yourself) method which is an instant online background checking method. Normally the corporates prefer to go for the complete background check method. The service provider will normally take 2 to 5 days for the complete background check verification process.

Police Requirements
Nowadays background check has been made mandatory even by Police departments. This is very useful for them in the case of any complaint is lodged by the corporates regarding their employees.

Complete Background Investigation Method.
The complete background investigation process is the best method to determine the exact details of the candidate. Normally all the corporates wish to go for the full background check up the process. The service provider typically covers all the checks which are required by the corporates. This is called the Employment Screening System in other terms.

Following are the areas normally the service provider will check for the complete background verification process:
· Criminal background – The service provider will check with Police Department if the candidate has any previous criminal records against his name.
· Sex Abuser – This also needs to be checked with Police Department whether any sex related cases have been booked against his name.
· Employment History – This needs to be checked based on details provided by the candidate with the corporate at the time of interview. The service provider either personally visits the previous employment places or they cover this through telephonic conversations.
· Educational Qualifications – Normally the service provider will check the correctness of the educational institutional records.
· Referrals Checking – The Service provider will contact the referrals over the phone based on the details provided by the candidate to find out the correctness.
· Credit Reports – This information will be taken from the financial institutions to find out the candidates credit worthiness.
· Address Check – This is one of the major background checks to validate if the address provided by the candidate is correct or not.

Fair Credit Reporting Act
The service providers are governed by FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). These service providers have to follow their terms and conditions while carrying background verification processes. All these results are basically stored online so that the employers can easily access the reports of their candidates.

Advantages and Disadvantages
The main advantages of using these certified service providers are they are governed by FCRA Acts. It is quite easy for the employers to hire the right candidates based on the results submitted by these service providers.
If you are using a third party service provider for cheaper rates who are not legal and are not governed by the FCRA Acts, then you are running your business at greater risk.

How Do I Get People To Buy My House Fast?


The real estate sector is currently undergoing a dramatic change, and many people are venturing to try their luck in this field. All across the world, there are houses and estates, just waiting to be bought and sold. The location is a prime factor, as houses and properties in certain cities will sell faster than others. Houses in cities like Dallas, New York, LA, etc. can be sold off within the blink of an eye! Sure, a lot of people may look incredulous and may ask, “Will someone really buy my house fast in Los Angeles?” The answer is a definite YES! If planned properly, any property can be profitably disposed of!

According to, there are a few techniques that must be employed to successfully sell the house or property, and that too, without the loss of too much time. There are instances when a person is forced to sell off his home, so as to urgently raise funds. In such instances, time will be of the essence! Moreover, the value of a property may diminish if it stays on the market for too long, as prospective buyers may erroneously sense that something might be wrong with the house.

It is for these very reasons that it becomes highly essential to adopt certain techniques, so as to quickly sell the house in an advantageous way. Often potential buyers will visit the house, in an effort to determine for themselves if the property is worth investing in. Under such circumstances, it will be necessary to do certain things that will raise the value of the house.

Potential buyers often would love to see how it would look to live in the house. In that case, getting a home-staging done might be a good idea. For those of you who have never heard of this term, it simply means getting the house set-up in an alluring sort of way. Given below are a few ideas put forth by various individuals and firms that have been operating in this field. Use them as guidelines while planning the sale of your property.

1. If the house has been in use for a very long time, it would be advisable to get the walls painted. This will give it a fresh new look. Yes, it is quite expensive to get a house painted, but it will be worth the money and effort. Be sure to use neutral colors that make the rooms look airy and spacious. Also, it will be a good idea to paint the doors as well
2. Clean up the rooms as well as the yard. Make sure that the cupboards are neatly arranged so as to portray its full potential and utility.
3. Fix the parts of the house that are in poor condition. This includes any leaky faucets, cracked walls, etc.

It will also be prudent to avail the services of a reliable and skilled real estate agent. They are experts in promoting the sale of the property, as they have a considerably larger scale of operations and a higher level of experience in this field.